Hardwick Hall:
A Great Old Castle of Romance

Nicholas Cooper, Paula Henderson, Christopher Rowell, Anthony Wells-Cole, David Adshead, David Taylor, Ben Cowell, Oliver Garnett, Simon Jervis, Matthew Hirst

Publicaton Date
November 2016
Standard Number
Yale University Press
432 pages

Originally constructed in the late 16th century for the notorious Bess of Hardwick, Countess of Shrewsbury, Hardwick Hall is now among the National Trust’s greatest architectural landmarks, with much of its original interior and ornamentation still intact. This splendid publication is the definitive source of scholarship on the remarkably well-preserved exemplar of late-Elizabethan style. Composed of extensive research and newly commissioned photography, this beautifully illustrated book traces the history of the house and its inhabitants through the centuries, showcasing a remarkable collection of portraiture, tapestries, furniture, and gardens, and providing readers with a genuine sense of the house’s environment.