British Art Studies, Issue 11:
Spring 2019

Publicaton Date
March 2019
Standard Number
Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art and Yale Center for British Art

The British Art Studies editorial team are delighted to present Issue 11 – Theatres of War: Experimental Performance in London, 1914–1918 and Beyond. Curated by Dr Grace Brockington, senior lecturer at the University of Bristol, Theatres of War is an online exhibition that explores the visual culture of experimental performance that developed against the grain of mainstream theatre in London during the First World War.

The Ballet of the Nations

At the heart of the exhibition is the first ever staging of The Ballet of the Nations– Vernon Lee’s 1915 pacifist satire. Produced as a feature film by contemporary dance company Impermanence, and directed by Roseanna Anderson and Joshua Ben-Tovim, The Ballet of the Nations is a creative rearticulation of Vernon Lee’s 1915 text set to intricate and stylised dance pieces.


Curated by Grace Brockington, in collaboration with Impermanence, with contributions from Ella Margolin and Claudia Tobin

Virtual Exhibitions

  • Performing Pacifism, curated by Grace Brockington
  • Inspirations, curated by Grace Brockington
  • London's Little Theatres, curated by Grace Brockington and Claudia Tobin
  • Beyond London & the War, curated by Grace Brockington


  • The Ballet of the Nations, a film by Impermanence


  • Making The Ballet of the Nations: Costumes and Production, an interview between Ella Margolin and Pam Tait
  • Making The Ballet of the Nations: Composing, an interview with Robert Bentall
  • Making The Ballet of the Nations: Directing and Choreography, an interview with Roseanna Anderson and Joshua Ben-Tovim
  • Making The Ballet of the Nations: Cinematography, an interview between Ella Margolin and Jack Offord