British Art Studies, Issue 17:
September 2020

Publicaton Date
September 2020
Standard Number
Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art and Yale Center for British Art

The British Art Studies editorial team are delighted to present Issue 17: Elizabethan and Jacobean Miniature Paintings in Context, edited by Catharine MacLeod and Alexander Marr.


'An Early Impresa Miniature: Man in an Armillary Sphere (1569)', by Alexander Marr

'Lively Limning: Presence in Portrait Miniatures and John White’s Images of the New World', by Christina Faraday

'Game of Thrones: Early Modern Playing Cards and Portrait Miniature Painting', by Karin Leonhard

'Negotiating a Courtship between Courts: Hilliard’s Prayer Book Portraits of Queen Elizabeth and the Duc d’Anjou', by William Aslet

'A Portrait of the Miniaturist as a Young Man', by Edward Town

'Isaac Oliver and the Essex Circle', by Catharine MacLeod

'Portrait of an Unknown Lady: Technical Analysis of an Early Tudor Miniature', by Polly Saltmarsh

'A Very Proper Treatise: Specialist Knowledge for a Non-Specialist Public', by Annemie Leemans

'Secrets of a Silent Miniaturist: Findings from a Technical Study of Miniatures Attributed to Isaac Oliver', by Christine Slottved Kimbriel and Paola Ricciardi