British Art Studies, Issue 20:
February 2021

Publicaton Date
July 2021
Standard Number
Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art and Yale Center for British Art

The British Art Studies editorial team are delighted to present Issue 20.

One Object Special Feature

Victorian Anatomical Atlases and Their Many Lives (and Deaths), introduction by Keren Rosa Hammerschlag

Anatomy in Context: Conversations in the Wellcome Collection, London, filmed by Jonathan Law with Ludmilla Jordanova and William Schupbach

Bloodlines: Circulating the Male Body Across Borders in Art and Anatomy 1780–1860, by Anthea Callen

Black Apollo: Aesthetics, Dissection, and Race in Joseph Maclise’s Surgical Anatomy, by Keren Rosa Hammerschlag

Mr Joseph Maclise and the Epistemology of the Anatomical Closet, by Michael Sappol

Joseph Maclise, Taylor & Walton, and Publishing on Gower Street in the 1840s, by William Schupbach

“It Should Be on Every Surgeon’s Table”: The Reception and Adoption of Joseph Maclise’s Surgical Anatomy (1851) in the United States, by Naomi Slipp 

Animating the Archive

Slade, London, Asia: Contrapuntal Histories between Imperialism and Decolonization 1945–1989 (Part 1), by Liz Bruchet and Ming Tiampo

Slade, London, Asia: Animating the Archive (Part 1), Animating the Archive feature by Liz Bruchet and Ming Tiampo


“Everything I Learnt About Activism I Learnt in King’s Lynn”: Gustav Metzger’s Formative Years in King’s Lynn, by Jonathan P. Watts

Lady of Silences: The Enigmatic Photo-Text Work of Zarina Bhimji, by Allison K. Young

Conversation Piece

British Art after Brexit, convened by the editorial team