British Art Studies, Issue 5:
Spring 2017

Publicaton Date
April 2017
Standard Number
Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art and Yale Center for British Art

British Art Studies is an open access, peer-reviewed digital journal published jointly by the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, London, and the Yale Center for British Art, New Haven. The journal provides an innovative space for new research and scholarship of the highest quality on all aspects of British art, architecture, and visual culture in their most diverse and international contexts.

British Art Studies is one of the few completely open access journals in the field of art history, providing a platform for digital publishing as well as a forum for debate about the digital humanities and fair use. 




Between a Rock and a Blue Chair: David Hockney’s Rocky Mountains and Tired Indians (1965), by Martin Hammer

Drawing after the Antique at the British Museum, 1809–1817: “Free” Art Education and the Advent of the Liberal State, by Martin Myrone

A “Modern Rendezvous” in London: Painters, Pilots, and Edward Wadsworth’s A Short Flight (1914), by Bernard Vere

Lowry and the Local, by Anne Wagner


Resurrection, Re-Imagination, Reconstruction: New Viewpoints on the Hereford Screen, an introduction to the feature by Ayla Lepine 

Theology and Threshold: Victorian Approaches to Reviving Choir and Rood Screens, by Ayla Lepine

The Hereford Screen: A Prehistory, by Matthew Reeve

The Medieval Choir Screen in Sacred Space: The Dynamic Interiors of Vezzolano and Breisach, by Jacqueline E. Jung

Sound and Vision in the Hereford Screen, by Justin Underhill

Liturgy and Music in Hereford Cathedral in the Time of Queen Victoria and Beyond, by Tessa Murdoch

Collaborations Between Scott and Skidmore, by Alicia Robinson

“A triumph of art” or “blatant vulgarity”: The Reception of Scott and Skidmore’s Screens, by Alicia Robinson

Conserving and Restoring the Hereford Screen, by Diana Heath