Doctoral Researchers Network

The Doctoral Researchers Network (DRN) provides a support system for students in British art and architecture as they embark on this key element of their academic careers. The network stages events and activities that provide academic and CPD (continuing professional development) skills, such as workshops for dissertation writing, conference paper writing and presentation, preparing for upgrades and vivas, grant writing, and much more. The network provides opportunities for members to present on-going research, network with academics in the field, and provide assistance with approaching post-doctoral fellowships and jobs.

The DRN offers opportunities for members to connect with colleagues all over the country, aiming to nurture a supportive and creative environment for members. There are no fees for membership and small travel grants are available for members travelling to London to attend events.

To join the network fill out this form with your name, university, and a brief description of your research.

If you have any questions about the Doctoral Researchers Network please email [email protected]