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Collaborative Data Project

The project

One of the aims of London, Asia, Art, Worlds is to plant seeds for new research to grow. This collaborative data project seeks to collect baseline data about artists from Asia who spent time in the UK and artists of the Asian diaspora born in the UK, in order to visualise the entangled cartographies of this field emerging between London and Asia between 1850 and 2000. We are focusing in particular on exhibition histories and educational institutions for this project.

By gathering quantitative information, mass data methodologies have the potential to create and shape alternative art histories that reject the biases of historical canons and contemporary art worlds, surfacing neglected artists and histories, as well as providing evidence for densities of place, time and intersection. This project is also interested in exploring the new methodologies presented by digital data projects. It is crowd-sourced, relying on the networks of the London, Asia, Art, Worlds project, to surface and input this information. As such, it is not an end in itself, but just a beginning and an experiment in fostering new research ecologies.

The data that we gather from all participants will be collated, edited, and added to the set. During the London, Asia, Art, Worlds programme, we will be demonstrating how the visualisations are growing and changing, and will use this as an opportunity to begin a series of workshops that will bring together scholars, students, and artists working in, on, and from different regions. Contributors to the project will be acknowledged.

We invite you to join the project, and to contribute your knowledge, however partial, to this mapping and data visualisation. Please participate by entering information into the Google form below.

How to contribute

We are collecting data about artists from Asia who spent time in the UK, their connections to places of study, and the exhibitions in which they showed their work. To contribute, please submit information through the Google forms linked below. You do not need a Google account to complete the form.


Data has been contributed by Emily Putnam, Chloe Nahum, and Ming Tiampo.