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British Art in Motion

This competition consists of two rounds.

Round One

For the first round, you will be asked to submit a proposal for a film that:

  1. Focuses on a single work of British art or architecture, from any period
  2. Is between eight and ten minutes in length
  3. Offers fresh perspectives and arguments about the selected work of art or architecture, and demonstrates evidence of extended thinking and research
  4. Showcases creative ways of interpreting works of art in moving image media

This proposal will include:

  1. A five hundred-word film treatment, in which you offer a description of the film’s content, structure and approaches.
  2. A mood board made up of no more than twenty images, which is designed to give a sense of the film’s visual character.
  3. A bibliography of no more than five hundred words, listing the sources you have or will consult in your research for this film.
  4. A completed application form (downloadable from the bottom of this webpage).

All applicants must be available to travel and stay in London during the week 26–30 June 2023 to attend a filmmaking workshop at the Paul Mellon Centre.

Round Two

A panel of judges will assess the submissions from Round One, and select a shortlist of ten proposals.

Should you be one of the ten students who submitted these proposals, you will be invited to a three-day filmmaking and video production course, with the specialist company Learning on Screen. This will take place during the week commencing 26 June 2023.

This course will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to make a short film about a work of art. You will learn how to document archival materials, how to shoot artworks, as well as how to film interviews and make voice-overs. You will also receive an introduction to copyright and creative reuse to learn how you can lawfully use existing content in the creation of new work.

Following this course, you will have until the end of the summer to make and submit your film. For this, you will be granted a filmmaking budget of £500. You will also be assigned a mentor, who will advise you in the making of your film.

The deadline for submission of your completed film will be in October 2023.