Research Projects & Networks

Support for Professional Growth at the Paul Mellon Centre

We offer regular opportunities for professional development for emerging researchers, curators, and scholars.

Whether you are still a student or are finding your feet in the field of British art research, we want to support you. Alongside our Doctoral Researchers Network and Early Career Researchers Network, we continue to develop vocational opportunities aimed at creating spaces for people to experiment, inquire and grow professionally.

Undergraduates with an interest in art history and the moving image are encouraged to apply to the British Art in Motion filmmaking competition. Here, students will be given training and the chance to create their own documentary film.

Emerging curators and those interested in working in collections can develop their knowledge of the art trade through our annual Art Trade Forum. Attendees are given special access to high-profile London-based art dealerships, auction houses and museums, and get the chance to meet leading art trade and museum professionals.

If you want to know more about these schemes, or if you have further ideas about how the Paul Mellon Centre can support emerging researchers, do get in touch with our Networks Manager.