Charles I: King and Collector

On the occasion of the landmark exhibition Charles I: King and Collector (Royal Academy of Arts, 27 January - 15 April 2018), this conference sought to investigate the shape and development of Charles I’s collection. Papers explored the internal and external factors that had a significant impact on collecting habits at the Stuart court, highlighting the latest research from a wide range of disciplines and themes. This event was co-organised by the Royal Academy and the Paul Mellon Centre in partnership with the Royal Collection Trust.

Andrea Bacciolo (University of Vienna)

“Piaccia a Sua Maestà che ogni giorno vengano maggiori creazioni di mandare regali a questa volta”: Paintings and Drawings from the Papal Curia of the Barberini

Justin Davies (Jordaens and Van Dyck Panel Paintings Project)

Charles I, Van Dyck & the Spanish Match: Connoisseurs and Collectors as Royal Diplomats, with new findings on four famous Van Dyck paintings

Erin Griffey (University of Auckland)

'Her Majesty’s pictures’: Henrietta Maria’s taste, patronage and display of pictures at the Stuart Court

Maria Cristina Terzaghi (University of Rome)

Rome seen from London. The "Subsidium Peregrinantibus" by Balthazar Gerbier and the allure of Italian Baroque Painting at the Caroline Court

Peter Humfrey (University of St Andrews)

“Not verie acceptable to the King”? Charles I and Paolo Veronese

Karen Hearn (University College London)

“The late K. & Q. in little”: the small-scale full-length royal portraits in the collection of Charles I and Henrietta Maria

Margaret Dalivalle (Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Oxford)

Experiencing Leonardo: The Prince of Wales and Juan de Espina

Emily Burns (University of Nottingham)

Leaving a legacy: the appropriation of the collection of Charles I in London during the Interregnum

Lucy Whitaker (Royal Collection Trust)

The Restoration and the legacy of Charles I's collection