London, Asia, Art, Worlds conference

London, Asia, Art, Worlds is a multi-part programme of online events taking place in May and June 2021. It is envisioned as a murmuration, a series of interconnected papers, conversations, performances, and interventions. This event is part of the Paul Mellon Centre’s London, Asia project. The programme is structured around the following propositions for consideration: Sociality and Affect; Potential Histories and Solidarities; Circulation and Encounter; Pedagogy and Learning; Bureaucracy and Agency; Aesthetics and Ways of Knowing; Thinking Asia Through Empire; Thinking from Asia.


Sociality & Affect

Papers from Leela Gandhi, Simone Wille, and Greg Salter.

Potential Histories & Solidarities

Discussion between Omar Kholeif and Michael Rakowitz, with papers by David Morris and Maryam Ohadi-Hamadani.

Circulation & Encounter

Papers by Hew Locks, Tim Barringer, Michelle Wong, and Sophia Balagamwala.

Pedagogy & Learning

Papers from Aziz Sohail, Charmaine Toh, and Chanon Kenji Praepipatmongkol.

Bureaucracy & Agency

Papers from Karin Zitzewitz, Zainub Verjee, Aparna Kumar, and Sanjukta Sunderason.

Aesthetics & Ways of Knowing

Papers by Dorothy Price, Shigemi Inaga, Sadia Shirazi, Elena Crippa, and Eva Bentcheva.