Past Events

Autumn 2002: Research Seminars


  • 28 October to 4 December 2002
  • 6:00 – 7:00 pm
  • Public Study Room, Paul Mellon Centre

This autumn the Paul Mellon Centre is initiating a programme of research seminars in British art and architectural history. The seminars are intended to provide an opportunity for those who have held Paul Mellon Centre Senior Fellowships to air the new ideas they have been working on during their tenure. They will also provide an opportunity for younger scholars who have either held Paul Mellon Centre postdoctoraI awards or who arc engaged in doctoral research work in British art and architectural history at Yale University to share their ideas with a British audience

Man in tunic with lions and tiger

Edwin Landseer, Sir_Edwin_Henry_Landseer_-_Portrait_of_Mr._Van_Amburgh,_As_He_Appeared_with_His_Animals_at_the_London_Theatres_-_Google_Art_Project, 1847

16 October

Prof. Andrew Causey, 'English Art and National identity, 1918- 1939'

23 October

Alissa Ardito, 'The Gothic Revival of Urbanism and England: The Foundations of the Garden City'

30 October

Morna O'Neill, 'Walter Crane: The Decorator as Aesthete and the Artist as Socialis

6 November

Prof. Diana Donald, 'Landseer's Representation of Animals: A Fractured and Tragic Visions ofthe Natural World'

13 November

Dr Denise Oleksijczuk, 'Cityscapes and Battle Scenes: Shifting Conceptions of Time and Space in Early British Panoramas'

20 November

Dr Elizabeth Goldring, 'The Sidney-Leicester Circle and Elizabethan Patronage and Collecting'

27 November

Douglas Fordham, 'Between Empire and Liberty: British Art and the Seven Years War'

4 December

Peter Draper, 'On its Own Terms: Early English Gothic Architecture from a Contemporary Perspective'