Past Events

PhD Toolkit Series: Working with Others

DRN Events – Dr Sophie Hope

  • 5 December 2022
  • 10:00 – 11:30 am

PhD Toolkit Series: The Doctoral Researcher Network Autumn Term programme focuses on innovative research methodologies such as filmmaking techniques applied to text-based scholarships and the ethical implications of academic practice. This series of workshops provides a space for doctoral researchers to reflect on how the topics addressed might be relevant to their own work. They also encourage researchers to consider how these methodologies may expand public engagement either through translating a text-based dissertation into other formats or by more closely involving individuals who may be structurally excluded from academic research.

As part of doctoral projects, students may be required to conduct research with a range of individuals or communities. This workshop explores the issues that humanities-based researchers keen to explore socio-political issues should consider when working with individuals and groups who are socially, economically and politically precarious. These considerations are crucial as universities are associated with immense social privilege.

Led by Dr Sophie Hope, this workshop will cover a range of questions and concerns regarding the ethical implications of conducting research with others.

  • How do researchers position themselves in relation to the individuals with whom they work?
  • How does this impact on research methods?
  • What are the important steps to take when co-developing research with others? And
  • What are the common challenges associated with more affective forms of labour that are typically required when working with others?

[Image credit: Image from Manual Labours, a practice-based research project exploring physical and emotional relationships to work, initiated by Jenny Richards and Sophie Hope]

About the speaker

  • Sophie Hope is a senior lecturer and practice-based researcher at Birkbeck, University of London. Her work is often developed with others through the format of devised workshops exploring subjects such as art and politics in the year 1984, physical and emotional experiences of work and histories and politics of cultural democracy and socially engaged art. Current projects include: Manual Labours with Jenny Richards, Meanwhile in an Abandoned Warehouse with Owen Kelly, 1984 Dinners and Cards on the Table.