Public Lecture Course:
Ceramics in Britain, 1750 to now

These 30-minute lectures delivered by experts in the field will explore five key influential developments in the history of British ceramics since the mid-18th century, examining the multiple ways in which innovators, entrepreneurs, and artists have reinvigorated the field.

Lectures will be released weekly from 5 November to 3 December 2020.

Pots with Attitude: British Satire on Ceramics 1750–1820

Recommended reading and resources:

Danielle Thom, ‘’Sawney’s Defence’: Anti-Catholicism, Consumption and Performance in 18th-Century Britain’, V&A Online Journal, Issue No. 7, Summer 2015.,-consumption-and-performance-in-18th-century-britain/

Learn more about transferware and British pottery at the Transferware Collectors Club and the Northern Ceramic Society.

Josiah Wedgwood Experimentation and Innovation

Recommended readings and resources:

View the Portland Vase online at the British Museum.

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Learn more about the origins and history of the Lunar Society at The Lunar Society.

'Blue and White' in Nineteenth-Century Britain and Beyond

Recommended readings and resources:

Printed British Pottery & Porcelain 1750-1900: A Remarkable Story. Transferware Collectors Club and the Northern Ceramic Society.

View highlights from the exhibition, Filthy Lucre: Whistler’s Peacock Room Reimagined online at the V&A.

‘Beyond East and West’: the founding of British Studio ceramics

Recommended readings and resources:

Wikipedia. ‘Bernard Leach’. Last modified 26 October 2020.

Wikipedia. ‘Shoji Hamada’. Last modified 12 July 2020.

Isabella Smith, ‘Wheel of fortune – the life and achievements of Bernard Leach’, Apollo Magazine, 18 July 2020.

Find out more about the Leach Pottery.

Obsolescence and Renewal: Reimagining North Staffordshire’s Ceramic Heritage

Recommended readings and resources:

BBC: Stoke and Staffordshire. ‘Wedgwood in Indonesia’. BBC. 24 September 2014.

BBC News. ‘Up to 1,000 ceramics jobs axed’. BBC. 13 February 2002.