This five-part lecture course explores the entangled histories of Britain and South Asia through art and visual culture. It was convened by Hammad Nasar and Sarah Victoria Turner, the co-leaders of the Paul Mellon Centre's London, Asia research project. The course takes a long view of the cultural relationships between London and South Asia, covering topics from the eighteenth century through to the present day. Lectures will include encountering:

  • the collections of the East India Company in eighteenth-century London
  • art, craft and colonial display in the nineteenth century through the career of John Lockwood Kipling
  • South Asian artists, art schools and the British art scene in the twentieth century
  • the image of South Asian-British relations on screen, from Merchant Ivory to Bollywood
  • contemporary perspectives through the work of artists and curators

Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 1:

Hammad Nasar and Sarah Victoria Turner.

Lecture 2: Art and Empire: The East India Company at Home

Lecture 2:
Art & Empire: the East India Company at home

Rosie Dias.

Lecture 3: Art, Craft and Colonial Display: John Lockwood Kipling

Copyright restrictions prevent the publication of the third lecture of this series.

Lecture 4: Rooting Modernism: Art Schools, Pedagogy, and the Bureaucracy of Practice

Lecture 4:
Rooting Modernism: Art Schools, Pedagogy and the Bureaucracy of Practice

Hammad Nasar.

Lecture 5: Comtemporary Legacies: Said Adrus, David Alesworth, and Sophie Ernst in Conversation

Lecture 5:
Contemporary legacies

Said Adrus, David Alesworth and Sophie Ernst.